Travel Agency Volpe Viaggi

Holiday, is the time to spend with your friends or family. There´s not only relaxation in the sun. It´s also the time for building castles from sand,recognizing new tastes and smells. There´s the possibility to stop for a while and admire the distant countries. Our travel agency brings you a wide choice of possibilities how to enjoy your holiday and pay an acceptable price for individuals as well as for groups and families with children.

The sunset above the sea, hot sand under your feet and no worries. We offer you the right holiday you deserve. You´ll only choose your favourite destination, the other things will be done by us. Everybody can choose from our wide variety of options. Last minute is a matter of course.

If you prefer active relaxation, our stay or sightseeing tours are exactly for you. We believe you to be ravished and enriched after coming back from a holiday organized by our travel agency.

It´s only up to your choice when and where you´ll go „ to sun“ . Our main priority is your satisfaction, that´s why there´s always at your disposal our professional staff to replay to any of your questions and help you with your pertinent choice.

Here´s our complete seasonal catalogue offer. We believe you´ll be again interested in our trips and we look forward to your next visit. The travel agency Volpe Viaggi is located in the centre of Prague and is focused on presentation of the Czech republic abroad, especially in Italy and offers to clients a wide choice of appartments, hotels, bungalows and villagias suitable for spring, summer and autumn holidays in various seaside resorts in regions Veneto and Friuli- Venezia Giulia.

Veneto- the region north of estuary of the river Po, stretches to the austrian frontiers. The capital and as well as the main turistic attraction is Venezia and the nearby islands of Murano, Burano and Torcello- which are famous for the production of glass and laces. Other much desired places are old cities Verona, Padova and Treviso.

Friuli-Venezia Giulia- the region in northern Italy, the capital is the portcity Trieste. Here it´s possible to make interesting trips to the nearby castles Miramare ( which is connected with the Habsburgs history) and Duino. The remains of romans edifices and old ancient christians sights can be seen in Aquilea. These two regions are attractive destinations for those who prefer travelling on their own ( distance from Prague is about 800-900km, depends on the seaside resort) or travelling by bus.

For more exacting clients there is the possibility of travelling by plane ( the flight Prague- Venezia lasts about 1 hour) and consequently to také a taxi ( price about 100Eur- possible to order in our travel agency) or by local bus ( price about 10 Eur- depends on distance from a seaside resort) Don´t hesitate to contact us if you have any question.