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The Czech republic


We are a travel agency focused on the presentation of our country abroad, located directly in the heart of Prague.

You can choose from :
One or more days’ tours of the capital Prague Various programmes for an extended weekend Trips and excursions to other places and towns in our country being closely connected with history (castles, sights and monuments, places of famous battles) or other themes representing our country in the world (spa tradition, fish ponds, lakes, dams, production of red garnets (jewels), glass, bijoux, worldwide known Semtex:-), ice-hockey ”school“ and of course Czech beer and typical Czech cuisine)

A traditional Czech evening Accommodation of all price ranges (bed-and-breakfast, family hotel or luxury hotel) is available in or near the historical centre. Thanks to its location in the heart of Europe, there exists easy and fast way to get here by air, car, bus or train. We would like to enable our clients to visit and admire the beauties of our small, picturesque inland country. The Czech Republic is a state in central Europe with about 10 and half million inhabitants. Our state has a varied landscape. Bohemia is surrounded by a ring of mountains and the Moravian Plain is protected on the west by the Bohemian- Moravian Highland. Fertile lowlands can be found in the valleys of large rivers- the Vltava, the Elbe (flowing into the North Sea), the Oder (flowing into the Baltic Sea) and the Morava (flowing into the Danube and thence into the Black Sea). The climate is mostly continental, the warmest area being in South Moravia.

All four seasons of the year are represented in our country. From the historical point of view, our territory has been inhabited since the 5th century A.D. In the 14th century, the Czech Kingdom became also the centre of the Holy Roman Empire mainly during the reign of Charles IV. Since these times, Prague has grown into one of the largest European metropolises of that area and has been a significant centre of education, architecture, commerce and the arts. In 1348, the Charles University - the oldest one in central, northern and eastern Europe - was founded in Prague. Prague, being spread out on both banks of the river Vltava in the centre of Bohemia, is the seat of the President, government and parliament and also the political, cultural and economic centre of the country.

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There are many historical sights and places worth on visiting, e.g. the National Museum, the National Theatre, Charles Bridge, Charles University, New Town and Old Town with its famous Astronomical clocks and Town Hall, the Jewish Town with its Synagogues, Lesser Town, the Prague Castle, the St. Vitus Cathedral , the Wenceslas square- which is the second largest in the central Europe and many other interesting things and places.

We would also like to show you the Karlstejn castle (near Prague) which used to be one of Charles IV´s seats and is situated in a romantic landscape and where women weren´t allowed to entre.

karlstejn karel IV

A real pearl of Bohemia is Český Krumlov (with an impressive castle- unique in that it has housed several bears over the centuries - and the historical town full of very old, picturesque and cute houses, narrow streets and squares) and its surrounding, all protected by UNESCO.

cesky krumlov cesky krumlov mesto medvedi cesky krumlov

In this area of South Bohemia you can find most fish ponds and about 20km from Český Krumlov, there is the largest dam Lipno, which is an ideal place for holidays in real nature, thanks to many possibilities how to spend your leisure time –swimming, playing water sports, bicycling, hiking or walking. Concerning Moravia, there are many castles worth seeing. The nicest ones include Lednice in South Moravia. A real must is a visit of a Moravian wine cellar, where you can enjoy the taste of many kinds of excellent domestic wines.

Prices are available upon request